Bevmo 5 Cent Sale Picks

Another Bevmo roundup for the wine! All wines were on the 5 cent wine sales for EXTRA savings. I was shopping a dinner party and wanted to try different sparkling wines. There were only 7 different sparkling wines to choose from so that basically narrowed down my search!

Also please let me know if you have a wine from Bevmo you would like me to review or have thoughts about in the comments below!

Disclaimer: If you follow my wine reviews you know I like my wine full bodied and dry. So do take that in mind when looking at my suggestions. What could make my taste buds dance, could make yours wish they didn't exist. Also, note that I am venturing into the world of sparkling wine, all suggestions are welcome. 

Tips: Ask for help. You only need to know the answer to some basic questions. Red or White? Sweet or dry? Price range? If you can answer these then most Bevmo Employees and put you front of the right bottle of vino.

Okay for this round up I have two sparkling wines and two chardonnays. Let me know in the comments which ones you prefer!


This sparkler is from Spain and I definitely preferred this over the prosecco. I served this at two separate dinner parties and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

It was a very light clean finish that was easy to please. I served this at two separate dinners and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Ripe peach and vanilla flavors without being too acidic.  


You can't go wrong with a bottle of prosecco, and really if you don't like the flavor alone you can always dress it up with a bottle of OJ or cranberry juice. Ta-da a tasty cocktail!

Bright finish, and easy on the palate. Wonderful wine for a great value!


Santa Barbara is one of my beloved CA wine locations, though I haven't visited to actually wine taste just yet. Every bottle I have tried blindly has yet to twist my taste buds. This is a lovely bottle for your favorite chardonnay drinker. Could make a great hostess gift or something for home as an everyday wine. This bottle was definitely my favorite of the two chardonnays of this round. 

The chardonnay was bright, with citrus and melon aromas. With lime and toasty oak flavors. 


Yum! I picked this one up because I actually got to taste it at a work happy hour and at friends dinner. So I figured having one wine I like out of the four would at least guarantee a decent glass of wine! Still like the bottle from Zaca Mesa a bit more, but this wouldn't be a bad choice to pick up either. 

Melon and citrus aromas. With apple and lemon flavors that lingers for a rich finish.