Garnacha, Marques de la Musa - 2015

First review of a Spanish Garnacha! This wine has been to a few Whole Foods Happy Hours. I absolutely love that the Whole Foods by my office has a bar! It makes for the perfect location for good wine great friends and a good time! I think the only reason we tried this wine in the first place was because it was a Garnacha and it was on sale!

As you know I did an informational post about Grenache and while I can read and research all I wanted, I couldn't truly have an opinion until I did my own taste test. I've only tasted a few and I have reviewed even less, but I am slowly but surely making my way into the world of Grenache. This wine will pair well with pizza and barbecue. This wine is also fermented in stainless steel tanks. 

Tasting Notes:
Flavors of black cherries, plums, and currants. Aromas of red berries, spice, and black pepper. Light tannins and low acidity with a very clean finish. 

You can find this bottle at Whole Foods Market, along with many fabulous bottles of wine. Maybe you want to compare a Spanish and France Grenache like I did, here is a Spanish Garnacha I tried, let me know what you try in the comments below!

Learn more about Garnacha here!

Wine reminder:
Your wine taste buds are your taste buds. Use my notes and comments as a guideline but what I like could be completely opposite from what you enjoy. THAT IS OKAY. We don't have to think the same thing about every single wine. 

That being said Have Fun and drink on!