Thankgiving Wine Guide

November is here and the holidays are coming! They aren't going to wait for you to finish up your dinner plans or holiday shopping. So in the effort to make the wine selecting easier on you, I have made a simple guide on what you should bring to dinner this year. 

Whether you are bringing wine to a family or friends gathering. Here is a simple guide on what wine to bring to this year's Thanksgiving dinner. Along with a few wine selections to keep your eye out for.

Here are the most popular varietals that I would recommend while you search the aisle for the perfect bottle. If you don't know whether to bring red or white, pick the one you prefer that way you are guaranteed to like something at the party. Or maybe just pick one of each, your choice. 


Sauvignon Blanc

This is the perfect time to take a deep breath be thankful to be alive, so drink wine eat warm food and be happy. Hope all of you have a very blessed holiday.