5 Things you must do at Apple Hill

This was my first Trip to Apple Hill EVER! I know I'm kinda late to the party, but it's cool to be fashionably late right? Lucky for me I was able to go with some girlfriends who are no strangers to the Apple Hill festivities. 

We went to High Hill Ranch which allows you walk to EVERYTHING on my list. The Pumpkin Patch and Madrona Winery are both within walking distance. Although, if you are planning on purchasing a pumpkin I would choose a small one you can carry back to your car, or just cave and drive up. That way you don't have to worry about the size of your pumpkin or amount of wine you want to leave with!

Apple Hill is definitely an amazing experience so go grab your girlfriends and plan to head up to Apple Hill soon!

1. Walk through all the craft booths

Check out what people are making! There are tons of cool things to look at from woodworking to jewelry. You might even find something to take home with you. If you are on the hunt for some more holiday decor then definitely send time in the craft section. You might find some ornament inspiration. 


2. Pumpkin Patch

Take a stroll over to the pumpkin patch. Whether you need a pumpkin to carve or display for the holidays, the pumpkin patch is a great place to capture some great pictures. Also its really cool to see the different colors and shapes of the pumpkins. Tip: If you do plan on leaving with a pumpkin make sure to pick on you can carry on the walk back, otherwise you are better off to drive. 

3. Wine

You MUST try the apple wine. It's a seasonal must. It doesn't cost you anything to try and apple wine and who knows you might like it! Also after your visit to the pumpkin patch, you must walk over to Madrona and do a full wine tasting. They day that we went they were pairing five of their wines with cheese as well; now that's a full tasting. I ended up leaving with one Apple wine, a Rosé, and a Riesling. Now I have wine to remember this successful trip!


4. Food

Okay it goes with out saying but you need to try the food. I don't care what you pick whether it be the sweet smelling kettle corn or the warm barbecue trip tip sandwich take a moment and grab a bite to eat. Also if you visited the pumpkin patch and tasting room then you should be hungry by this point in your adventure. So listen to your rumbling stomach and eat!

5. Apple Everything

Now the moment you have been waiting for since you got to Apple trip is the amences amount of apple treats. There is a shop that sales anything you could think of and some. They had apple butter, apple cider and of course apples. There were also apple donuts! You must leave with a donut or two they are so delicious and made right on site. And don't for get the apple pie or please don't for get the apple pie! There is so many possibilities of food treats to leave with that you really have to do two full sweeps to make sure you get everything you want.

Let me know what your favorite thing about Apple Hill is in the comments below!