October Goals

I have never really set goals for myself in the past and if I did they were very unrealistic so I would just set myself up for failure. I have been toying with the idea of actually setting goals that I could reach to help motivate myself and feel more empowered and in control. My goals are mainly focused on personal fitness, but the main goal is inner happiness. I want to reach my fitness goals in ways that make me happy. 

I am not saying that I lack happiness, there is definitely a lot about my life that I am thankful for and extremely happy about. I think it is the hustle and bustle of adult life that has just made me detour and forget that I am one lucky girl to have some incredible people in my life. 

I think what really made me realize this was when I was FINALLY starting to put our scrapbook together for this year and was reminded of all the fun things we did. I only finished up through march and had to buy extra inserts so that should tell you how busy we were at the beginning of the year!

I want to remind myself and those I love that I care for them. I want to make food and drink wine with great people. I want to create endorphins the natural way and kick butt at barre. I want to grow stronger and have more energy. 

I am going to start setting goals for myself each month and week so that I don't get discourage mid-month and relapse. I think that I deserve to love myself more than that. I AM worth more than half-assed progress. 

Part of my goal making journey is that I want to make REALISTIC goals. This month's goals are going to focus on what makes me happy.

When October is over I want to feel proud of myself for doing things that make me happy. I want to find peace, even if I don't lose as much weight as I would like I want to feel stronger, I want to feel happier, and I want to feel in control. Happiness is something I want to find within myself and be able to control. 

My October Goals:

  • Focus on something each day that makes me Happy
  • Go to Barre 3 times a week
  • Do some form of cardio 3 times a week
  • Don't give up wine
  • Make dinner at home 5 times a week
  • Have new content for the blog 2 times a week (this one's for all of you!)

I hope that you have a wonderful month full of happiness. Spend time with those you love. Spend time doing the things you love even if you do them in the presence of company or alone. I hope to find peace and happiness. Tell me about your goals and how you reward yourself when you reach them... I definitely need ideas. 

This is the first time I think that I am officially setting goals for myself so if you have any tips please share!